labour task force on international development

Jason serves on the Labour Party Task Force on International Development, led by Kate Osamor, MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development.  Together with a team of twelve other thinkers and activists, we are laying out a progressive new vision of global justice for a future Labour government to pursue.  Find out more about the Task Force here.

In March 2018, we published a new green paper that will guide the Labour Party's approach to international development: "A World for the Many, Not the Few."  

The paper marks a step-change in development theory and policy, shifting from a paradigm of charity to a paradigm of social justice, acknowledging the harm that UK policy has done abroad, and calling for a movement beyond "aid" to target the root causes of poverty, inequality and ecological breakdown and to change the rules of the global economy to make it fundamentally fairer.  



Academics stand against poverty

Jason serves on the Executive Board of Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP), an international community of scholars and researchers working to confront the rules and practices that perpetuate global poverty and advocate for targeted, evidence-based reforms. 

ASAP focuses on structural drivers of poverty such as:

  • illicit financial flows and tax havens
  • imbalanced trade agreements and intellectual property laws
  • economic policies such as austerity and deregulation
  • regulatory capture and lack of democracy in global governance
  • climate change and ecological destruction
  • human rights abuses like trafficking, slavery, forced migration and statelessness

We seek to make rigorous, cutting-edge research available to journalists and the broader public to shift conventional narratives about the causes of and solutions to poverty, and to encourage citizen engagement.

Find out more about ASAP here.